United Lending Services

There are numerous loan matching services like LendingTree on the internet for people with good credit. But what about a service for people with bad credit?

United Lending Services Co of New York is the leader in sub-prime (bad credit) loan matching. United Lending Services Co. team of loan researchers performed the intensive task of looking through the entire United States at each lender. It’s an immense task, but one that has helped countless people to get the loan they need. While United Lending Services Co is not a lender or a broker, they are your best bet if you have limited options because of your credit problems.

There are services out there that claim to offer the same thing, many of which are very expensive. Only United Lending Services Co. provides a complete and extensive database that is kept up to date. In fact, United Lending Services Co. only charges a fee of $34.95 when others charge as much as $100-300.

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